Waterscapes by Michele Berti

Waterscapes – Portfolio by Michele Berti

Long exposure photographs of beach and sea taken mostly at sunset or sunrise.

Tuscany Landscapes

Tramonto in Valdorcia

Tramonto in Valdorcia

Valdorcia (Fuji Velvia 50). Foto di Michele Berti. Tutti i diritti riservati.  

Mattino d’autunno (Ugo Foscolo)

S’apriva appena il più bel giorno d’autunno.
Pareva che la notte, seguita dalle tenebre e dalle stelle, fuggisse dal Sole che usciva nel suo immenso splendore dalle nubi d’Oriente, quasi dominatore dell’Universo; e l’Universo sorrideva.

Le nuvole dorate e dipinte a mille colori salivano la volta del cielo che, tutto sereno, mostrava di schiudersi per diffondere sui mortali le cure della divinità.

Gli alberi, sussurrando soavemente, facevano tremolare contro la luce le gocce trasparenti di rugiada, mentre i venti dell’aurora rasciugavano il soverchio umore delle piante.

Pergine Valdarno
(Pergine Valdarno, Novembre 2007 – photo by Michele Berti)

September 2007: my most viewed landscape photograph

This is the most viewed landscape photograph of my web site during the month of September 2007. I took this picture two years ago at the beginning of May 2005 with a 35mm camera and using Fuji Velvia 50 RVP slide film. I was driving home when the beautiful lightening on that field drew my attention. Landscapes looks really different right now: it’s autumn no green around and field are totally ploughed. Actually springtime is probably the most beautiful season to take photographs in my region.

Two days in Camargue

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the region of Camargue (France) for a couple of days. It’s a beautiful place especially for nature photographers and birdwatchers. Probably spring time (from April to the end of May) is the best season to go there. Food is very good and people are friendly.

The only drawback of the region is the presence in some places of truly aggressive mosquitoes: never get so many bites in a once as I got there (fourteen!). I spent only two days there staying in one ot the many traditional “Mas” you can find over there. Mine was very close to the city of Arles, a celtic city colonized by the Greeks that became Roman after Julius Caesar distributed the land among his veteran legionnaires in 46 B.C..

I had the unique opportunity to shot some photos to birds in their natural habitat (flamingoes, herons, ecc.). Here you are some of them, ho pe you’ll enjoy.










Still waiting for the good season…

Here you are how tuscany hills looks like in autumn (Velvia RVP 50).