Something About Me

Pupil of the great master Franco Fontana, Michele lives and works in Tuscany, an unique location source of endless artistic inspiration. Many of his photographs depict the landscape of Val d'Orcia and the Crete Senesi with sensitivity and rigor of those who deeply loves his land. His images of Tuscany are a race against time, light and form. He interprets his land like an open book to be studied in its many facets, bucolic, idyllic and always laden with strong symbolic meaning. The presence of man, almost always latent in his images, it is still tangible in signs that it leaves. Moving in this logic, with a work entitled "Traces" (2006), he has documented the social changes that took place in Val di Chiana from the early '900, when with the end of Sharecropping has failed the organization of work and of the family based on the farmhouse. He has so photographed dozens of old farm houses uninhabited, remained the only witnesses to a rural life almost disappeared.

Among his most recent works it is worth to mention "Trip to Lourdes" (2007), where he addresses the issue of popular devotion with its rites and gestures, its stereotyped behaviors, but also the contradictions that often characterize these places of worship. In these photographs we perceive prayer, suffering, hope, but also frivolity and worldliness. The theme of popular devotion is addressed again in 2008 with a reportage on the Holy Week. In 2008 he was involved in the project "Le Immagini del Gusto" with "An ode to a chicken" and "Tangerine Marmalade" both widely published and printed on a book produced by the "Centro Italiano della fotografia d'Autore". One of his latest works is "Meta-Spiaggia" (2012), a project that breaks the traditional boundaries of space and time with the specific intent to emphasize the stereotypical behavior of our society. In early 2012 Michele begins a collaboration with Getty Images.

More recently Michele met Joel Meyerowitz and had a chance to take a class with him. Since then he started observing life on the streets with his camera.

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