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An ode to a chicken
September 2007 - At the end of 1900, with the end of crop sharing, an era based on homesteads and farming ended. An era when where everything around the figures of the man and housewife, ended as well. The man, besides directing rural works, represented the family in keeping commitments towards the landowner and the farmer, whereas the housewife was busy doing shopping, cleaning, washing, cooking and raising poultry. Only a few traditions from this past, which lasted for more than 7 centuries in [...]
Antiquarian Trade Fair of Arezzo
The Antiquarian Fair of Arezzo was born in 1968 thanks to a local dealer and collector named Ivan Brushi. Expositors come from all over Italy and together with local antiquarian's shops - more than 100 - the fair brings on itself great interest. still an open project. Probably more pictures will be added in the future. This is a little selection of photographs, taken since 2004 of people you might meet walking through that sedond-hand market.
Bau Bau Beach
Agosto 2013 - Da un incontro fortuito ho ripercorso la strada di un signore che ogni mattina portava i suoi amati cani nell'unico tratto di spiaggia dove erano ammessi. Ho viaggiato tra gli ombrelloni, conosciuto cani e padroni. Ho scoperto un luogo dove Fido e' trattato come un figlio. Con queste fotografie voglio mostrare che in vacanza con il cane si puo' andare e ci si puo' anche divertire, al contrario di molti esempi negativi che spesso riempiono le cronache estive.

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