Tuscany Landscapes – Paesaggi Toscani

Tuscany Landscapes - Paesaggio Toscano

Tuscany Landscapes – Paesaggio Toscano

Walking around the Siennese Crete Land or along the hills of the Orcia Valley is a wonderful experience: colours, shapes, trees and dirt roads all take form in a multitude of different compositions which recall everythime my attention.


Lavender by Michele Berti

Lavender – Portfolio by Michele Berti

When I think to lavender perfect lines, paths, geometries, colors and scent come into my mind. Here my interpretation. All photographs taken in France.

Posto Macchina

Posto Macchina by Michele Berti

Posto Macchina – Portfolio by Michele Berti

Started working on this project during the workshop directed by master Franco Fontana at the Tuscany Photo Festival 2012 of Massa Marittima. It is still a work in progress.

Io nel 1976 …

Io nel 1976 …, inserito originariamente da micheleberti.

… secondo www.yearbookyourself.com