Equity Market Manipulation in Five Easy Steps

How Could the CDS Market Affect Equity Markets?

If you only consider the movement of capital into the CDS market, then the two have no relationship. That is, a spike in the demand for protection on company ABC’s bonds should not, in and of itself, have any effect on the price of ABC’s stock. However, a spike in the demand for protection on ABC’s bonds will lead to a spike in the price for such protection. Equity traders could view this spike in the price of protection as an indication of deterioration in ABC’s credit condition. This is the critical link. If equity traders ignore the spike as an aberration, they will not take action based on the spike.

In times of panic, particularly one rooted in a shortage of credit, it is rational for equity traders to view a spike in the price of protection of an entity’s debt as cause for concern. Therefore it would be rational to hedge or liquidate equity positions in that company. Thus, given an increase in the price of protection for ABC’s bonds in the context of today’s markets, we should expect ABC’s equity price to drop.

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Diciamo le cose come stanno…

The press loves a spectacle. There’s a good reason for this: panic increases paranoia, which increases the desire for information, which increases their advertising revenues. Thus, the press has an incentive to exaggerate the importance of the events they report. As such, we shouldn’t be surprised to find the press amping up fears about the next threat to the “real economy.”

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